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Normally famous people do not phase me. Two and so far only two things make me go all fan-girl - Musicians from Cruxshadows - especially Rogue and Rachel, and Jaqueline Carey books. I made a plaque for a friend for Yule, and then made a larger version for myself. I wanted to see what kind of fan art she had up on her site, so my hubby looked it up for me, and I saw nothing like the plaques I make. On a whim I sent her an email, and she actually replied in a couple days, telling me she really liked it and it will go up on her website when she does her monthly update. Basically she sent me this...

"Dear Kris,

Thanks very much for the kind words! The Kushiel series has been
challenging and wonderful to write, and I'm delighted that it's finding
such a great readership. Thanks, too, for sharing the wall plaque!
Very cool, I'll be sure to have it added to the gallery at the next
monthly site update for other readers to admire and covet.

Best wishes,

- Jacqueline Carey"

Since she mentioned covet - I thought I would reply and I just offered to make her one as well, if she wanted it for her own, as a thanks for the awesome writing. I wonder if she will want one.


And now back to the usual scheduled Kris...


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