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So I haven't been able to use my desktop computer for a couple months now because I ended up getting Vundo, or Virtumonde on it. I was trying to fight it, but none of my antivirus software was working. It prevents you from getting to sites with the ability to get rid of it, so for a long time was stumped. I went to microcenter to buy an external drive (and check out a laptop bargain - more on that in a moment) and decided that if I couldn't get rid of it any other way, I would just format. They suggest that before I do that I run Nod 32, and some registry cleaning software. I tried running it,and Nod 32 found the virus, but just kept telling me to restart so it could delete it. I needed to run this in safe mode, but Virtumonde was keeping me from getting into safe mode :(

I returned to microcenter to see if they had the netbook I was looking for in stock - which they didn't :(

I finally thought to tell the tech department about my problem, and they said they had just the right thing! A program called malware bytes is what they use to get rid of vundo on computers they service. They have already burned disks available for 2.99 for their time and trouble, so I took it home and voila! clean computer with no virus. I am so happy.

While I was looking at all of this tech stuff though - I ended up getting tech envy for a small computer that would be easy to travel with. I am so sick of pulling out a big laptop at airports and always dragging something heavy and awkward with me. So I saw an ad at Microcenter for an Acer Aspire one netbook for only 299.00(120gb) - though when I got there the one for 329.00(160 gb) was better with a bigger battery and harddrive. However upon talking with a friend of mine, I found they had another model of it with an 8gb solid state hard drive for 299.00 at frye's

Now I swore never to shop at frye's again after how I was treated at the South Houston store, but the sales staff at the only one to have the color I want in stock has saved that company in my eyes. I took home my new netbook (only 2 lbs - it's so cute I hugged it!) and I got to visit with Diane and yay!

So that is the state of Kris and computers. How are you doing?


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