May. 17th, 2008

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So I got a 30 gallon tank from free cycle and set it up over the past few days. It has black sand, purple jasper rocks, a shelter made from blue-grey river stones and a purple piece of slate, a couple pieces of petrified wood. I have some tall sword-type plants - some crypts too. I will be adding some gnarled roots to give it some taller decoration.

In it I have 3 freshwater clams, one blue "lobster", 9 lemon yellow cichlid fry, 2 peach cichlid fry, 2 pink convicts (fairly small) and 1 jewel chichlid. They are all getting along nicely for now...will post pictures later.

The 20 gallon is doing well, my fry are starting to show colors, but it seems that they will all be black and yellow guppies. I will likely trade some of these in for store credit. I bought one more male guppy and some cherry shrimp and a couple zebra shrimp (they all died last time). I am mad because one died on the way home.

I am really into these aquariums, but except for attaining more shrimp I am going to stop purchasing for a while (like several months) and just see how they do. The pink convicts will likely breed, and the guppies are breeding. I will just trade in the fry I no longer want. As it is, they have just dropped more fry today.



Edit - a few hours later

Apparently the tank has a pinhole leak. Didn't notice it until I had everything perfectly set up. My fish are going to hate me. So now I have to empty a 30 gallon tank and re-silicone it. I have no clue what I am doing, but I can't let it leak like that...


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