Feb. 17th, 2009

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I want to thank my friends who have donated! I am now at 5 donors, my campus goal is at least 10 donors per team member, and I want to double that!

I know the economy is tough, and I will not blame anyone at all for not helping out. But if you can spare even a dollar, that will count as a donation.

I will not waste anyone's friends space any longer for this, because I know that it would get annoying, so if you are curious about my progress in the future, I will post it as a reply to the original message with the widget. Thanks for reading this.
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Hey all - update on what I have been up to:

1. WORK - OMG - super busy - kinda stressful, but nowhere near as bad as last semester. I like my team, though struggle with a few of the students. One is super dependent and won't even read directions before whining for help, and another 2 think that they can do what they want and I will be okay with it. Argh. One of them convinced my campus director that they think that I am out to get them, but I can tell they are laughing at me, because to make her happy, I now have to be extra nice to him. That's ok - Nice gets annoying real fast - I will just be nice as I still hand out discipline referrals when he refuses to follow the rules.

2. School - ACK! super stressful OMG - 3 masters classes while working full time is 2 too many! Wish me luck - I REALLY want to graduate this semester

3. Fish - had a whole bunch die from a nasty parasite - being extra careful, and also limiting tanks to be more reasonable - anyone wanna fish tank? On the other hand, the dwarf crayfish are breeding and doing nicely. As are my yellow shrimp. Yay cool invertebrates.

4. Job searching- trying to decide what I want to do in between Citizen Schools once my fellowship is up in July. I want something else to do with my time before I apply to PhD programs in a couple years. I can't handle jumping right back into school - so I need something cool to do that pays an ok amount in a crappy economy... any ideas? Currently trying to score a job for Citizen Schools. Thinking of something involving education - I am not certified, but will have a masters degree...any thoughts?


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